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I'm Annelie - illustrator and designer from Potsdam.

Over the past few years, I've been able to try out different methods of design while studying communication design. Illustration is one of my favorite types of visual communication. I am also fascinated by designing with images and text. I prefer to combine all these components in my work.

Gladly I would like to tell you a little more about me at this point. I like Potsdam city life, swimming in the lake and random artfully arranged everyday objects. I am constantly on the lookout for the small and subtle beauties of everyday life. In addition to my penchant for books and To Do Lists, I have a distinct passion for collecting ceramics and chairs. I like pretty stationery, wild flowers by the wayside, the first swallows in early summer and Earl Grey with lemon and honey.

Visually, I emphasize clarity and white space. Complemented by my illustrations, I like to create design concepts that are airy, delicate and understandable.

In combination with text and image, my illustrations give a loosening component that rest the viewer's gaze and help to better absorb conveyed content. Through small colored details and structures I like to set small focal points. These are a means for me to direct the viewer's gaze in a gentle way.

I like to look for references to the simplicity and simple beauty of everyday things and situations. I like to underscore words, stories and images with my illustrations.

So far, my illustrations have found a place on postcards and folding cards, flyers, zines and magazines. Feel free to check out my portfolio to get inspired.

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With an interplay of my illustrations and different texts and images I would like to develop and implement creative concepts. Creative concepts - these can be printed media, such as flyers or zines, or digital presences, such as websites and social media. But I also like to illustrate single components or small details and icons.

Of course, I am also available for private projects. In this area I have illustrated so far invitation cards, place cards and personal gifts.

I look forward to hearing from you.

– Annelie

Instagram is my sketchbook — let's be friends there